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SmartPlug Makes RV Air Conditioning Safer

SmartPlug Makes RV Air Conditioning Safer

Once considered a luxury, air conditioning is now commonplace in RVs. Whether it’s a motor-home’s duct system, rooftop unit on a trailer or portable model cooling a pod, they’re invariably plugged into shore power. Their massive, spiking power draws place a serious burden on outdated, twist-type connectors that can overheat Safety-minded RVers are increasingly replacing these devices with the state-of-the-art SmartPlug. It’s the singular upgrade that provides the peace-of-mind needed to thoroughly enjoy a cool night’s rest.

The original shore power connector was designed in the 1930s, back when the electric fan reigned supreme. And while it served RVers well, its design has serious limitations, namely, thin curved metal blades. The innovative SmartPlug, in contrast, utilizes a thick pin and clip that provide 20 times the metal-to-metal contact. It’s this increase in connectivity that lessens the resistance that is a leading cause of overheating and resultant fire.

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Instead of the trial-and-error method of aligning the L blade in a twist-type connector and then spinning the retaining collar until it finally threads, the SmartPlug pushes straight in. Large, easy to operate clips hold it securely in place. And because it’s asymmetrical, plugging in is easy and foolproof.

RV owners across the US and Canada have placed their trust in the SmartPlug. It’s simple and quick to install using common household tools. The 30A/125V or 50A 125/250V inlet is offered in four versions: white, grey and black polymer, and stainless steel. Matching phone/TV/data inlets are also available.

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