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What Accessories Do I Need to Buy for My New RV?

What Accessories Do I Need to Buy for My New RV?

If you’re new to RVing and just got settled in with your new ride, congrats – welcome to the good life! Before you head out and hit the open road, we wanted to share our top RV accessories.

Discover the top 5 RV accessories we recommend for your new RV:

  1. Wheel Stabilizer
    Every RVer wants to explore the outdoors of their desired location. To ensure a safe trip outside the RV, using a wheel stabilizer will keep the RV in the position you parked it. The wheel
    stabilizer will provide a secure grip on your RV and prevent it from rolling out of place. The designs of these stabilizers will prevent the tires from shifting by applying the opposing force.
    This is not only a safety precaution to take while traveling, but one you can use to secure your RV while parked at your home location in between trips.
  2. SmartPlug Electrical Connection
    The original twist-type design of shore power systems can be problematic and are becoming outdated. The SmartPlugis a revolutionary shore power system to provide greater protection against loose connections and corrosion. Loose connections and corrosion often lead to shore power failure and fires which are an extremely dangerous situation to find yourself in. To prevent a shore power failure, install a SmartPlug electrical connection to have power move efficiently and safely.
  3. Drinking Water Hose
    Another useful product to carry along on your journey is a premium drinking water hose. This lead-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free hose helps ensure that you have access to fresh and clean water necessary upon traveling. Depending on your destination, water may be a source that is difficult to obtain, yet one of the most important necessities on your trip. Using a hose will prevent lead from coming into your water, along with easing your thirst and tasting delicious!
  4. Solar Kit
    If you prefer to camp in areas where there are little to no power hookups, then solar kitsare a must. These panels convert the sunlight into power. As the sunlight hits the panels, an electric current is created, and fed into a charge controller of which controls how much current is brought through the battery. A solar panel setup is cost-effective, environmentally
    friendly, and an extremely convenient way to use electricity on your next RV adventure.
  5. RV Awning
    Spending time on the road with family and friends can be a bit overwhelming and sometimes smothering. While parked at camp, enjoy the great outdoors (and space!) with an awning. An awning will shelter you from the blazing sun or rainy downpours and will allow you to sit outside to enjoy meals, hang with the family or just relax.

Here are Smart RV Accessories, we are avid RV adventurers. Over the years, we’ve found these RV accessories to be a must-have for all RV travels. As you begin to enjoy your new RV, we encourage you to check out these items and see for yourself how they’ll benefit your time on the road.

Do you have any must-have RV accessories to share for new RVers? We’d love to hear in the comments!

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